Monday, April 4, 2011


1.    That  government is the best, which governs the least.
      ie., The top management should have the ability to see essentials and act accordingly.
           Delegation of duties and responsibilities to Subordinates is essential to achieve this.

2.     Good management is the art of making things simple.
                          Simple things complicated.

3.     Maintain absolute transparency in all activities.

4.    Have a good quality assurance set up. Emphasis should be on ‘Fact finding’ and not ‘Fault finding’.

5.    Involvement in the works as appropriate is essential.
      Supervision enables detecting mistakes that are difficult to be     detected by     the personnel undertaking  a task. This is where the involvement of     management in giving direction and purpose to the team matters.

         ‘Take rounds with a view to catch people doing things right and  appreciate their work’.

6.    Execution of task

    -  Do a little homework and come to the office fully prepared. 
    - Carryout the work in a well planned and systematic manner.
    - Make full use of the available manpower and material resources.
    - Try and complete all the works in the working hours itself.
    - Just before secure, spend few minutes to put things in order to  have a pleasant start the next day.
    - Any critical pending works or any off-working hours commitment etc.,
       detail the required personnel with clear instructions.
    - Check up the progress of the work once or twice on phone / in person.

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